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Prayer Resources

The Gregorian Institute is Benedictine College’s initiative to promote Catholic identity in public life. These prayer resources are our most visited pages each week.

Eucharistic Hour

How to Pray a Holy Hour
This popular guide guides you step by step through the hour, with Scripture and other prayer aids. A link to a printable version is included.


Rosary Meditations
Scripture and meditations for each mystery of the Rosary. Click on them individually here:

Five Things Daily Rosaries Do
Reasons to say the Daily Rosary.

Daily Prayer

Guide to Prayer 
How do you pray a daily meditation? A step by step guide.

Litany of Faith, Hope and Love
Why we believe, trust and follow God.

Pentecost Sequence, Prose Version
The classic prayer rendered more understandable.

Rules for Catholic Family Life
Embrace the faith at home: Quick rules to live by.


Six Ways to Examine Your Conscience for Confession
Our popular aids for adult confession.

Children’s Guide to Confession
A step by step guide to confession including an examination of conscience and an act of contrition.

Seven Reasons to Return to Confession
Why is confession so important? Reasons to remember and share.

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross in a Time of Pandemic

In this difficult time, the Way of the Cross has multiple lessons for where to find hope and faith..

Passion of the Christ Stations of the Cross
The meaning of Christ’s sacrifice as presented in Mel Gibson’s film.

Modern Martyrs’ Way of the Cross
Some of the most impressive stories of faith amid persecution are happening in our own lifetimes.

Stations of the Cross for Sinners
Inspired by the message of Our Lady of Fatima, these meditations look at the consequences of our sin and the possibility of redemption.


Getting More Out of Mass
Enter more deeply into Mass with these quick tips.

Movie Lists

Top 100 Catholic Movies
See the ‘Proudly Catholic Films’ Gregorian readers picked as their favorites.

Movies for Future Men
Masculine virtues and the movies that promote them.

Movies for Future Women
The virtues of femininity on film.


What to Give Up For Lent? A List
Some suggestions, based on St. Benedict and Father Michael Gaitley.

Stations of the Cross
Passion of the Christ, Modern Martyrs, or Stations of the Cross for Sinners.


A Catholic Prayer for Thanksgiving Dinner
‘Thank you for this beautiful turkey, a symbol of your providence …’


Prayer for Putting Away Christmas Decorations
‘Lord, our house has a secret deep inside …’

Coronavirus Pandemic

Four Catholic Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Stations of the Cross in a Time of Pandemic

Join the Memorare Army for Pandemic Relief

Other Coronavirus Crisis Posts


Father Simon Baker Casting Into the Deep
The chaplain of Benedictine College gives advice on living the faith.