The Gregorian Institute Shield, composed of the crossed gold and silver keys of the Papal Insignia, an open book with the words 'Via Veritas Vita' ('The Way, the Truth, and the Life') written on its pages, three golden six-sided stars on a red banner, and a Germanic cross.


Weekend Memes: Nature is Amazing

God the Father’s Wild Universe. [Read More...]

WATCH: Mass Now, Heaven Later

What is the point of Mass? Why would going to Mass make us happy? Trinity Sunday has the answer. [Read More...]

This Sunday, a Mystery That Makes ‘Perfect’ Sense

The signs of the Trinity are everywhere, especially in we who are made in God’s image. [Read More...]

President Minnis’ Call for Prayer and Action to End Racism

“We are called to transform culture by honoring the infinite dignity of every human person. … and greeting everyone we meet as Jesus Christ himself.” [Read More...]

Thank You for Showing Me What I Don’t See

“Have I Told You Lately” by Van Morrison can be a love song to another human being or to God … and there is a lesson in that. [Read More...]

Stop Praying Like a Moody Girlfriend or Selfish Boyfriend

Do you make your relationship with God all about you? [Read More...]

Two New Raven Priests Made Their Mark on Benedictine, and Vice Versa

The Diocese of Tulsa, Okla., will ordain Benedictine College grads Jon Fincher and Robert M. Healey this month. [Read More...]

Sunday Verse: As The Father Has Sent Me…

Pictured: Commencement at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. [Read More...]

Weekend Memes: Pentecost

The day when the Holy Spirit redefined the fireside chat. [Read More...]

Virtual Blessings: Ravens Honor Their Alma Mater

Benedictine College’s student a capella group, the Lemkeys, got together to cheer their fellow students up during the coronavirus pandemic. [Read More...]

This Sunday, Start the New Pentecost for America

The Holy Spirit provides exactly the tools we need to combat cowardice, callousness and apathy in the Church today. [Read More...]

What It’s (Not) About: Three to Watch, One to Read

The best stories are often about the actions of the people in closest proximity to what is going on. [Read More...]

Christianity First Grew Through Hope in a Pandemic

“Had classical society not been disrupted and demoralized by these catastrophes, Christianity might never have become so dominant,” writes Rodney Stark. [Read More...]

Ep. 8: Set the World on Fire!

Through us, this time of coronavirus can spread community, faith, and scholarship all over the world, says Father Simon Baker. [Read More...]

Sunday Verse: I Am With You Always…

Pictured: Balloon ride during Homecoming week at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. [Read More...]

Weekend Memes: Forming a Habit

Make no mistake: religious life is a beautiful, and joyful, vocation. [Read More...]

Raven Gives Special Needs Students Faith and Song

TRANSFORMING CULTURE IN AMERICA: “The only two beings that sing are angels and humans,” said Nicole Buchman, who became both to her students. [Read More...]

This Sunday, the Great Commission and the Pandemic

As the world opens up after the pandemic, we are being given the Gospel of the Great Commission. What we do next is critical. [Read More...]

Meet Jesus and His Followers in 3 Streaming Movies

Men and women have different ways of being Christian, but they both follow the same model. [Read More...]

God Gave John Paul the Ideal Family … Then He Took Them Away One By One

His mother doted on him, he had every boy’s dream of a big brother, and his dad was loving and fun. Their deaths changed him, and he changed the world. [Read More...]